After a couple of months off from the blog, it's back down to business and what a gin to restart with.

Image: Esker Spirits

Image: Esker Spirits

This week's post is all about the brilliantly unique gin, Esker!

Esker was born when husband and wife team, Steven and Lynne Duthie, took there interest and enthusiasm for gin and started experimenting in there kitchen with a 1 litre copper still. Nearly two years later, they had created their perfect gin and Esker became the first gin distillery in Royal Deeside in Scotland.

This beautifully smooth gin is clean and smooth to drink and has a lovely burst of citrus and a spicy warmth to it. However, what I think makes this gin special is how it gain it's sweetness. It's key botanical is the sap from silver birch trees, a feature of Royal Deeside. 

Since Esker was founded in October 2015, demand for the gin meant growth was on the cards and they set up their new distillery in the Kincardine Estate, the home of Esker's silver birch sap. Esker is now a multi-award winning gin including being awarded gold in the 2017 International Wine & Spirit Competition and being crowned "Overall Winner" in the Scottish Field Gin Challenge's -  Summer Challenge.

Esker can be found right at the front of my gin cabinet and has become one of my very favourites so far! 


To find out more about Esker Gin, I got in touch with them and Michelle was happy to answer a few questions...

Image: @esker_spirits

Image: @esker_spirits

How did come up with the idea to try Silver Birch sap as a botanical? 

We experimented with lots of locally sourced botanicals but without a doubt silver birch sap stood out as the best. Additionally as we are based on Royal Deeside, we really wanted to bring as much of Royal Deeside to the spirit as possible.

Tell us a little bit about a day in a life at the Esker Gin Distillery?

It’s all go at the moment with the build up to Christmas! Reasonably early starts to get the still up and running and as we do everything in house, our days are spent distilling, bottling, packaging, recipe testing and promoting our brand. Our distillery is based on a working highland estate, so wildlife like deer and pheasants turning up outside our door is a regular occurrence!

 Is there a story behind the name Esker?

Yes, an esker is a geographical term representing the ridge left after a glacier. We wanted to use a name which reflected the area where our distillery lies but also the typography of Royal Deeside. Our logo and Esker branding of ‘S’ in ‘Esker’ forms a ridge between the letter S.

Image: @esker_spirits

Image: @esker_spirits

Apart from your own, what’s your favourite gin and why?

We’d rather not mention another brand but we are a big fan of Scottish produced gins

What’s next for Esker Gin? 

After an extremely successful Summer winning 5 awards all based purely on taste, we released our first Limited Edition product “Esker Honey Spiced Gin” this Winter. Additionally, we introduced a new 10cl miniature of our classic Esker Gin early November which sold out almost immediately. As we look ahead to 2018, we are intending on releasing our next batch of miniatures in early 2018 and continue to experiment with different recipes. Keep an eye on social media for any future updates!


Describe your gin in 3 words…

Unique, full-flavoured, smooth

This is definitely one to try and I can't wait to see what new recipes you have coming up in the future!

Hope you Feel GInspired but please drink responsibly



The Botanicals INclude


Serving Suggestion

Image: @esker_spirits

Image: @esker_spirits

1 Part (50ml) Esker Gin
3 Parts (150ml) Fever-Tree Tonic Water
Over Ice
A twist of orange zest