Craft Gin Club & 58 Gin

Craft Gin Club & 58 Gin

Craft Gin Club & 58 Gin


Last week I was lucky enough to receive my very first gin subscription box, courtesy of Craft Gin Club

When you sign up to Craft Gin Club you can expect quality. Every box includes a full 70cl bottle of small-batch craft gin, the perfect tonic, a few snacks and treats that accompany the chosen gin of the month. The box also includes a magazine all about that month's gin and all other things gin!

When signing up to the club you have 3 options. You can sign up to receive a box monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly with each box costing £40 (each box contains over £55 worth of goodies.) Craft Gin Club also gives you £10 off your first box when you use the code they post on their website and social media sites. For December's box, use the code XMASGIN.


November's box contained a full 70cl bottle of 58 Gin, a bottle of The London Essence Co.'s Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic Water, a box of earl grey from Whittards of Chelsea, a bag of sour cream & black pepper popcorn from The London Popcorn Co., a packet of classic sea salt peanuts from VIPnuts, a box of moreish chocolate truffles from Monty Bojangles and a copy of November's GINNED! magazine.

Knowing the box was going to contain a very small batch craft gin, I was excited to find out what it could be. 58 Gin was one I hadn't heard off and it's delicious with a great balance of both juniper and circus flavours! Onto the rest of the contents... who doesn't love popcorn? Never had sour cream & black pepper popcorn before and the bag was far too small for my liking. I personally don't like Earl Grey tea but I gave them to a friend who raved about them. Then we move onto dessert! The box of Monty Bonjangles (LOVE the name) chocolate truffles contained 4 flavours: Choccy Scoffy, Berry Bubbly, Cookie Moon & Flutter Scotch and we were left wanting more! Bring on December's Box!!

Image: @58Gin Instagram

Image: @58Gin Instagram

58 Gin was first created in 2016 when Australian, Mark Marmont moved to London and started is quest to create the perfect gin after working way through the selection at The Bar With No Name in Islington.

Named after the house number where Mark lives, 58 Gin, created in Hackney Downs in East London, has a smooth and clean taste that is down to a process they use called, Single Shot. This is where they remove the heads and tails of the gin (don't worry, i'll explain after) so you're left with just "the heart" of the gin.

When gin is distilled there are 3 parts cut (portions of the distillation), these are called the the Heads, Heart and Tails. The Heads are the first cut of the distillation - it's the strongest part and is just generally unpleasant so this this removed. The Heart is the next cut and is what becomes the gin. It is the nice, smooth and flavoursome part. The tails has a soapy flavour to it, but contains a lot of precious alcohol; and it often reused for the next distillation.

You can also visit 58 Gin for a Distillery Experience and make your very own unique bottle of gin! 


After I received my bottle of 58 Gin in the box, i got hold of the team and here's what they had to say...

Image: @58Gin Instagram

Image: @58Gin Instagram

Tell us a little bit about a day in the life at 58 Gin?

Everyday is different which is great but a generic day at the office would look like this. We head into the office and start the still around 6am. Grab a coffee and have a look at what is on for the day. Mark and I talk through everything so most of the day is spent bouncing ideas off each other while we bottle, wax, or ship bottles. We are constantly on email talking to new accounts and sorting out training dates. We are working on some new sku (stock keeping units - for those not savvy with the lingo) for the new year so lots of experimenting is happening right now.

We love seeing our customers post things about 58 on social so we try and interact lots to let them know we are so happy people are enjoying our gin. When the stills are finished around 3pm. We water down the gin and mix it to 43%, clean all the stills top to bottom by hand and reload to prep for the next day. Some days we are out of the office meeting new accounts or training staff but we always make the time to keep the stills running and producing our fabulous gin!

How did you pick and choose the 9 botanicals you use in 58 gin?

Mark started making a citrus gin and a savoury gin. When he kept having people try it, 50% people liked the citrus and 50% of people like the savoury. So he thought, why not make a balanced gin that can please everyone and work with so many people's tastebuds. 


We know why your gin is called 58, but is there a story behind your logo?

Mark lives in Angel so that's why we have the angel wings and he wanted a prohibition style tattoo, so Mo Coppoletta (famous tattoo artist) did the bits in blue and gin and tonic in the sun has a blue shimmer. 

Apart from your own, what’s your favourite gin?

 Berry Bros & Rudd No 3

What’s next for 58 Gin?

We are so happy people are trying and loving the gin so keep pushing and launching some great new things in the new year and showing people the craft of a well made gin. 

Describe your gin in 3 words…

Balanced, Smooth, Classic

Hope you Feel GInspired but please drink responsibly

Craft Gin Club

58 Gin

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Serving Suggestion


1 Part (50ml) Tiger Gin
3 Parts (150ml) The London Essence Co.'s Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic Water
Over Ice
A Slice of Fresh Pink Grapefruit