Feel Ginspired is a blog about all things gin! My aim is in it's name - to help fellow gin lovers to "Feel Ginspired".

To tell you a little more about myself and my plans for this blog, I thought i'd interview myself, as I will all the gin maker and distilleries I blog about...

Who are you?

My name is Alex Stephenson, aged 26. When i'm not researching, blogging about and drinking gin, I work as a Business Analyst for Go Ape.

Why gin and what is your favourite?

I am in no way an expert in gin but I know what i like. But through writing this blog, my quest is become more knowledgable, and really get to know what others love too!

My favourite gin at the moment, which is actually my first blog post, is Carpenter's Gin which is made by Ed Rogers at Suffolk Food Hall in Ipswich. See the blog here.

What can we expect from Feel Ginspired?

I'll be blogging about all different gins all around the county, country and some day soon, the globe, including a Q&A with gin makers and gin lovers alike. I hope to visit as many distilleries as possible as well as 'Create Your Own Gin' experiences, gin classes and courses to spread the word, to hopefully get everyone tasting and experiencing the best of what the world of gin has to offer

I love supporting new and local companies so I'm hoping to include loads of small batch gins, especially those local to me in Suffolk.

I will also be posting featured blogs that'll be a little bit different but still very much gin related.

If you would like to get involved, whether you make your own gin, would like me to blog about a specific gin or even guest blog then please get in touch!